Tailor made Tour Experience

A new way to discover Veneto, Venice and its Lagoon

Tailor-made transfers and customized assistance: the experience begins upon your arrival!

Do you already know how to get to Venice? Or are you in Veneto and want to move throughout the region? Do you know where your accommodation is located from the main arrival points? Would you like to take a day trip using a private boat and car service comfortably from your hotel?

The options are many and for every taste.

If you decide to travel by train, every city in Veneto has its own railway station and the one in Venice is called Santa Lucia. If you sail on a cruise ship you will reach the Port of Venice-Stazione Marittima. If you are traveling by car you will have to stop at the car and bus terminal in Piazzale Romasince you can't proceed any further (there are 4 car parks you can book and pay in advance). Lastly if you prefer/have to fly you will land at Internation Airport of Venice-Marco Polo which is located in the main land and which from you can reach the historical centre either by water or by land.

The Venetian mainland is in fact connected to the historic center by a 5 km long bridge (Della Libertà) which can be traveled by public and private road transport and by train. Whichever way and means you choose, from a certain point on you will be able to move only on foot or by boat.

On foot with google maps or accompanied by me or even just by a porter to lighten your journey.

By public water-bus (the vaporetto, which works exactly like a bus), but you need to gather up energy and patience (at this link the official site of local public transport).

tips to use public transport in venice

The turnkey transfer service provides assistance from the point of arrival all the way to your hotel/airbnb. It will be complete with exclusive meet & greet (I will pick you up), porterage and private water and/or road transport.

venice turnkey transfersporter service venice tailor made experiencevenice private tailormade transfers


In any case, whether you are a dynamic traveler or a visitor wanting a total stress-free stay, do not hesitate to share your needs and expectations: we will explore more options and plan together a tailor-made experience from the very beginning!!

Do you remember? I am your personal guide, contact me for any request.


Up to 2 hours
from 60 to 180 Euros
Depending from the kind of assistance and water or land transport needed

Antonella Zanoni

Professional Tour Guide

Hello there! This is Antonella, a Venetian born and raised travel and culture addicted tour guide and tour leader. When in Venice I don't offer only the factual information clients expect but also a cultural context that creates a more rewarding experience. I sense the kind of guest in front of me and adapt in no time delivering a tailor-made tour.

My Favourite Tour Experience