Tailor made Tour Experience

A new way to discover Veneto, Venice and its Lagoon

Murders and Mysteries

Experience the darker side of Venice and hear ghostly tales and ghastly legends from the past. Feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.


Dive into a maze of ill-lit alleyways to discover another side of La Serenissima. Prepare your senses for an unusual itinerary, through a labyrinth of narrow alleys, full of shadows and echoing steps.
Imagine a Venice illuminated only by the lanterns of the Codega (servants –or hired men- who lit the path of the well-off wanderers), disturbing and spooky.
From the square of public executions to the bridge where bare-fist fights took place, from the asylums on the islands of the lagoon to the ghosts spotted at night along the sconte (hidden shortcuts).
Test your courage and discover bloody crimes, mysterious legends and ghost stories. Feel some kind of uneasegrowing behind you
... maybe some souls from the past are coming to pay a visit!
Murders and Mysteries is a tour experience that can be tailor-made according to the age of participants.
2 hours
180,00 Euro for the whole evening experience

Antonella Zanoni

Professional Tour Guide

Hello there! This is Antonella, a Venetian born and raised travel and culture addicted tour guide and tour leader. When in Venice I don't offer only the factual information clients expect but also a cultural context that creates a more rewarding experience. I sense the kind of guest in front of me and adapt in no time delivering a tailor-made tour.

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