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So you'll understand a little bit more about me. 

Strange All Saints' Eve this one... which perhaps allows us a return to its origins.

For at least a decade Halloween celebrations have been catching on, imported from overseas (like so many other things) and very dear to children and teenagers, especially the “trick or treat?” ritual.

Nel vecchio mondo invece, almeno da queste parti, la celebrazione non è mai stata la notte del 31 ma il 1°Novembre, la ricorrenza di Ognissanti, giorno di festività nazionale accorpata per convenienza logistica ed economica alla ricorrenza dei Defunti, il giorno 2 Novembre.

And it never had a connotation of party and fun although in reality, the opportunity was perfect to see distant relatives and enjoy a good luncheon!

Because you know, in Italy every pretext is good to have a nice meal washed down by liters of wine! To the health of the dearly departed!

When the calendar allows it, the "ponte dei morti” è anche l’ultima occasione prima delle vacanze natalizie di andare da qualche parte per tre/quattro giorni. Vi porto un esempio così mi spiego meglio. Se il primo Novembre cade  di giovedì, il venerdì funge da ”ponte” per arrivare al sabato e alla domenica. Ecco che prendendo un unico giorno di vacanza dal lavoro o dalla scuola, si riescono ad avere 4 giorni liberi! Una cosa tutta italiana, oppure c’è anche da voi?

Digging in a not too distant past I remember my father telling us about his life in the country and how, as children, you would play football using anything rolling. Here, in autumn, the "matte" pumpkins (mad: those not edible) emptied from the pulp and the seeds that were given to the pigs, fulfilled this task or, lo and behold, were carved and left outdoors with a candle inside! Exactly like today’s Halloween pumpkins! There is something in common with the American holiday after all!

And it doesn't stop there. In the desolate and very humid countryside, great fear mixed with wonder aroused the will-o'-the-wisps, natural gas leaks from the ground which, in contact with oxygen, ignited, scaring young and old and feeding stories and beliefs of ghosts and spirits of the visiting deads.

In other areas of Italy, on the evening of October 31, the table is left set in the event that the soul of some deceased who has temporarily returned from the world of the dead, wants to refresh and rest. This brings us back to the ancient tradition of "Dia de los muertos" veru popular in Mexico and Latin American countries where sumptuous celebrations are held for the temporary return of the beloved departed ones in the realm of the living.

In the end it all comes back, with all due respect to Halloween mudslingers.

In any case, this year no parties and gatherings, no trick or treat , but if you enjoyed this article please share on social media and visit this website page of Experiences to discover the tour Mysteries and Murders: it's available all year round and it can't be tailored especially for you!


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