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Tailor Made Tour Experience

So you'll understand a little bit more about me. 

Of Memories and Scents

Autumn is truly a time of smells and colors.
I went ahead to explore a place dear to me, the Valpolicella area, on the slopes of the Lessini hills, in the northern part of the province of Verona. The intent was to collect hints and ideas to create a food and wine experience to propose to my guests in the future, when it will be possible to travel again. Instead, memory dragged me on a tour of the past.
Truth is I let memories to drag me away in a tour of the past.
I remembered my father's expression when he brought home a bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella: of irrepressible satisfaction.🤩 
He called us around the kitchen table to contemplate his treasure which he presented to us with pride and deference (I still seem to hear his voice when he pronounces the word "Amarone").😊
He opened the bottle in front of us, well in advance of dinner time, as red and full-bodied wines need to breathe to then release the complex bouquet 💐of aromas and scents.
Happy as a child he allowed us to smell ruby ​​red nectar 🍷and even taste it, not as a transgression, but as a sensory experience.
For a long time I tried only red wines, then I wanted to space and open my mind also to whites and bubbles.🍾
Nonetheless, if today I find myself deciding between red wines, my choice inevitably falls on an Amarone.
The most persistent memories are those related to smell. Thanks dad.❤️
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