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Tailor Made Tour Experience

So you'll understand a little bit more about me. 

A private workshop tailor-made for me!

A privileged experience in my day tour to the islands of Murano and Burano with a small group of seven people.
You know that I have embraced a customized-visit mode for a few people at a time: I like to pamper my guests!
Today, however, I am the lucky one because while my group is lovingly followed along the art gallery of glass works, one of the owners of the furnace offers me something unique and genuine. Uh, well, the word about my voracious curiosity and desire to learn in order to convey and share tailor-made authentic experiences must have spread :-).
I have the honor of crossing the threshold of an artisan shop not usually open to the public, an unexpected and electrifying behind-the-scene experience! The painter Luigi Voltolina shows me the preparatory cartoons he created specifically to tickle the inspiration of the glass master Mario Furlan (son and pupil of the well-known and dear departed Maestro Walter) and in the meantime, as an artist he is, he praises my unconventional shoes :-))).
Mario Furlan wears protective goggles and gives instructions to his assistant without ever opening his mouth. He must not lose the inspiration that came from the study of Voltolina's cartoons while I try not to disturb with my thousand questions!
Below is a short video of the experience. See you soon!


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